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Why Choose Supreme?

With over 30 plus years of experience in the biological contamination industry, SDS will go above and behind the scope of work needed to better assist janitorial staff members and their daily cleaning routine. This is accomplished by performing a 3-step disinfecting process (UV lighting, high touch area wipe down, and electrostatic mist spraying) that delivers a more thorough, precise, and immaculate cleaning finish.

Our professionals are trained to perform a proactive cleanup that involves facility and/or structure cleaning and disinfecting. The SDS team is uniquely prepared during this time and is devoted to better help disinfect your home and/or businesses with guidelines and protocols set forth and followed by the CDC.

Our Services

Supreme Disinfecting Services is proud to be your partner to help keep your home and workplace clean and productive during this unprecedented time and affect of COVID-19. We provide professional COVID-19 cleaning and prevention services to both Commercial & Residential locations.



What We Offer

Our approved disinfecting process effectively neutralizes a wide range of viral, bacterial, and fungal contaminants for homes, offices, buildings, and small spaces. This includes but not limited to:

Incident Response Management

Disinfecting Services

Sanitizing Services

Hospital Grade Disinfectants

Deep Clean / Impact Cleans

High-Touch Point Area Focus

Hazardous, Non-Hazardous and Disinfected COVID-19 Debris Disposal

Routine / Ongoing Services

Our Process

Our 3 step process is built on CDC guidelines for a hospital-grade clean and features a combination of advanced disinfecting chemistry, tools, and cleaning protocols.

1Ultraviolet Sanitizing Light

We use powerful Ultraviolet-C light to comb high-touch areas to significantly reduce microscopic germs, mold and other health hazards.

2High-Touch Point Area Wipe Down

Identifying high-touch environmental surfaces that have become contaminated with virus from large droplets and using hospital grade, EPA approved disinfectants.

3Electric & Electrostatic Chemical Dispersal Systems

Spraying assures more even coverage of surfaces including assisting to cover evenly and efficiently with disinfecting chemicals

Ready To Get Specialized Cleaning Services?

We are ready to provide disinfection and ongoing cleaning service to help you prevent the spread of COVID-19 in public and private spaces. If you have an immediate need please call us today or head over to our website for a free quote.

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